Hello, my name is Darryl W. Funk and welcome to my blog!  I am a freelance illustrator working out of Kelowna, B.C. Canada.  I received a BFA with a major in printmaking from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta.  I currently do regular work for the children’s magazine entitled: “Zamoof!” (www.zamoofmag.com), which is currently distributed across Canada and the United States.

     Most of my work has been inspired by pretty much any children’s literature from the 50’s and 60’s.  However science fiction, adventure stories and comic books were my main literary diet.  Jack Kirby is probably one of my biggest influences.  Not just because of his work, but because he was one of the hardest working guys out there.  He was indeed the “KING”. 

     Another big influence was Margaret and Hans Rey’s “Curious George”.  I continue to buy the books and drool over the art.  The fascinating thing about Margaret and Hans, is that they escaped Nazi occupied Paris on a bike Hans built with almost nothing aside from their manuscripts!  One German soldier could have prevented George from ever happening.  It brings things into perspective when I get a little whiney about deadlines!

     One last influence I’d like to mention is Maurice Sendak.  When I was very young my mother bought me “Where the Wild Things Are”.  From that moment I knew what I wanted to do.  It took awhile and there were (and still are) some obstacles, but I’m finally doing what I love.  By the way, I’ve seen the trailer for the movie and I’m quite excited!

So stay tuned  as I continue to add new work.  

Thanks for coming, see you soon!


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